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It seems to me that this life of mine
Is such a precious gift, a moment in time
It’s important to laugh, to cry and enjoy
To show your emotions whether you’re a girl or a boy

If you happen to be happy just cry out loud
Let everybody know, there’s no-need to be proud
If tears of sadness swell up inside
Just let them flow there’s no-need to hide

To experience such emotions as joy and sadness
Is to have experienced life and all its madness
And if a year goes by without such a feeling
It’s a year gone to waste and without any feeling



Is happiness just a word
Is laughter only a sound
Things aren’t really what they seem
For there’s madness all-around

To enjoy and live one’s life
Is an achievement on its own
Find a soul mate to share the future
Before you are old and over grown

To many these things come easy
But they aren’t that simple to achieve
You just have to strive and do your best
And perhaps one day, you will truly believe

That life is for the living
And that happiness is a feeling
And that laughter is such a wonderful sound
And together they have true meanin

Time “What is Time”

Our time is so precious
When children are so young
Yesterday is forever gone
Their lives have just begun

So precious is the moment
When children learn to walk
People seem to waste this time
That’s all they do is talk

So many sleepless nights
Our children always awake
This time is mine and mine alone
From me you cannot take

Sometimes I get so angry
And pray for time alone
But time is for our children
Who wait for me at home

My message is so simple
Just make the good times last
For one day, “You will surely see"
That time is in the past

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As time passes

I hear yon clock on mantle chime
My heart doth beat to the Rhythm of time
She sits over yonder once young and fair
Eyes are set in a dream like stare

Sat in the corner she looks around
Ticking of the clock the only sound
Within this room so very old
Are fond memories which go untold


Copyright © 2012 Richard Jones. All Rights Reserved.